Champagne Moment 2017

Finally we have the video to post! It is the catch at slip that both defied general belief and belied the usual level of agility showed by the fielder in question, and can be found in it's own special section on the website!!

Picture the scene! young man , we thing 14 or 15 years old, comes in to bat. His dad, takes up the umpiring position and is keen to film his cricket-loving son while he is at the crease batting. His dad makes sure he has enough battery in his phone as this could be a video that may take up some memory!!!

The ball is handed to young swing bowler extra-ordinaire, Amanveer Singh Jagdey, a 13 year old prodigy from the Swindon CC academy of young cricketing geniuses!

The call of 'right arm over', is made, and the Kennet Valley CC super-stopper wicket keeper settles the field and readies himself. First slip crouches in preparation like a cunning and wily Bengal Tiger about to pounce upon his prey. Jagdey is seen camera left delivering a superb outswinger, the batsman swings, the batsman edges, and like The Flash, the blur of movement down to his lower right-hand-side sees slip fielder par exellence, Jamie Mackay take a rapid reaction one-handed catch inches off the ground to claim the last wicket and the match!! The team cheer, and the umpire switches off his phone in disappointment.

Yes, Jamie Mackay, your catch was the Champagne Moment of 2017!!!!!