The Season is upon us!!. a call to arms (or maybe alms!!)

Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more!

Well dear chaps, here we go again. The 2018 season beckons, and the game is afoot!! Have just been watching Dads Army, and for some reason it reminded me I need to get an email out to you lot to ask who is available to play.

I now have the honour of addressing you all as the new Team Captain, and can reassure you of my pedigree and experience in matters of cricket captaincy, being school cricket captain back in 1983 for Hattersley Comp. We may have lost every game except one (which was the only game I was absent from due to other commitments), but like all great captains, it didn't dampen my spirits and eagerness to win. And it gave me invaluable experience in losing!

Anyway, enough about how wonderful I am. From my point of view we have already successfully drawn first blood against Seagry this coming weekend by calling the game off before they did. My reason was the impending Quiz Night. Their excuse the day after was a waterlogged pitch. One-nil to The Mighty Kennet me thinks!

The next match on our burgeoning list is the usual season opener against Mildenhall at their ground on the 22nd April, a mere two weeks away from this coming Sunday. A 2pm start. From a personal perspective, i am happy to report that I wont need my lower regions viciously manipulated by Richardson The Younger this time on account I am injury free apart from a pulled ligament in my left hamstring which i haven't been able to shift for nearly three months now! I blame Billy Luke for that particular one. Oh, and my hips are a bit stiff these days (am glad for any of my body parts to be so at my age I suppose!). Other than that, and a slight niggle in my left shoulder, i am as fit as a butcher's dog.

The only fly in the 'fixture ointment', so to speak is that Mildenhall are yet to confirm the fixture, so i will chase them up.

Then, after that on the 29th is a HOME match against Wilton starting at 1:30pm. Our first game of the season at the Cauldron Of Cricket, the Field Next To The Village Hall!

So gentlemen, to arms, best spikes forward and all that (but please keep them off the new parquet flooring in the village hall please), gird yer loins, swing yer shoulders, etc etc etc, and please put yer names forward to yours truly regarding, not so much your availability, but your eagerness and rabid desire to play in these two important fixtures. This season i would like to see us win with panache and style, and lose with a sartorial elegance that would put David Niven to shame.

Your Captain has spoken!!

Yours Sincerely

Captain, and three times award-winning cricketer from the 2015 season, Mr Peter 'Douglas Jardine' Masterman Esq.