The Baliszewski Trophy Match Report 2016. another Hallsworth Gem!

KVCC - The Baliszewski Trophy

Date - 18 September 2016

Location - KVCC, lockeridge

Result - In many respects, the result was immaterial, I like to think that cricket was the winner. OK, The West won by 1 run, East just failing to chase down West's 200 from their 30 overs.

The Teams

The East The West

Jamie Goddard (skipper) Pete Masterman (skipper) Andy Hallsworth Harminder Jagdey Charlie Hallsworth Aman Jadgey Colin Williams Paddy Stuart Jon Hancock Louis Stuart Jamie MacKay Harry Stuart Mark Richardson Alex Osborne

So the annual grudge match between East and West, named in honour of the club's founder, took place in decent conditions for mid-September.

The East arrived with their fancy London ways, armed to the teeth with filofaxes and plummy accents; the West with more fingers than teeth, a whiff of manure and an inter-connected family tree.

Umpires - Matt Floyd and Jack. Good work by both lads, standing in the middle for most of the game, notwithstanding their respective issues with leg-knack. A real shame to see a handsome young man, forced off the sports-field with an injury in the prime of his life; and Jack's injury was equally disappointing. *honk* *i'm here all week*.

The Format

Following the previous weekend's format, we played two innings each: one of 16 overs, the other of 14 overs. And for the second game running, it went down to the final ball...

Match Report

West batted first, Harminder Jagdey and nephew Aman Jagdey opening up.

A brisk start from West, the ever-dangerous Harminder happily whacking the ball around the ground, enjoying the open spaces afforded by the lack of fielders. Youngster Aman, another of Masterman's proteges at Swindon u11s, batted compactly and confidently, clearly a great cricketing talent.

East's tactic for Harminder soon paid off, with him swiftly having to retire as he brought up his 25. Harminder only non-scoring shot brought a cheery 'More blocks than Legoland' from banter-midget Charlie Hallsworth. The game then saw a dramatic turn, with the introduction of Jamie MacKay's gentle spinners. His first delivery, dragged down 4ft wide of the stumps didn't bode well, but the rest of the over saw 3 wickets tumble...

First Aman was run out following a great pick-up-and-throw from Jon Hancock and some smart wicket-keeping by young 'un Charlie behind the stumps. Jon Hancock has been a revelation in the field this season, his technique doubtless honed by chasing his unruly chicken stock round the farm. Possibly.

Next ball was followed by an equally smart stumping by Hallsworth Jnr for an unfortunate Louis Stuart [the benefit of the match format was that Louis was guaranteed another turn at the crease later], and a third wicket fell as Colin 'Safe Hands' Williams held on to one of his four catches in the first innings.

Pete Masterman almost went first ball to the banter that he'd be unlucky to pick out a fielder - cue Pete clipping the ball to the fielder, but Andy Hallsworth was only able to tip it over the bar. A comedy dismissal cruelly thwarted. Masterman coolly surveyed the off-side field ...and the on-side field. A scratchy knock saw Pete finally mistime Hallsworth Snr (even) slower ball into the clutches of Colin Williams in the mid-off region.

Just when the match appeared to be petering out, before it had barely begun, to an easy win for East, all rapidly agreed that as well as retirees coming back, it was also last-man-stand. So it was that Harminder Jagdey, the danger man, came back in with only Alex Osborn for company. An accordion field saw the men stretch out to the boundaries for Jadgey The Elder, then back in a little for Osborn. Harmy holed out to a great catch from Williams, running round from mid-on to cling onto a skier [by which I mean a ball that went right up in the air, rather than a muscular Alpine man in tight lycra. though what Colin does in the privacy of his own house is his own business].

Osborn played a great innings as last man stand, whacking it around the ground and coping well with having to do all the running and all the batting. A lovely knock of 40-odd took West to just over 100...

Mark Richardson kindly deigned to show up towards the end of West's innings, his delay possibly due to an extended Sunday morning confessional session. Depending on your sensibilities, in this gag, you may consider whether Mark was a) the confessor, b) the priest or c) God...

East responded briskly with Hallsworth Snr opening up and producing some thumping boundaries. One particular sweep went all the way round and through the vacant first slip area (my only off-side of the day), with another thankfully missing Paddy Stuart’s face and gloves on its way through.

Young Aman bowled a beautiful line-and-length, pinning Williams to a plumb lbw, before removing Jamie Mackay clean bowled the following delivery with one that seamed and kept low. Hallsworth Jnr played some super cricket shots before being run out for 17, like Aman before him, finding that the run up the hill was a tough ask for little legs. Jamie Goddard and Jon Hancock chipped in with the batting, whilst a returning Andy swung away at Masterman and Jagdey Snr’s tough bowling to reach 40 and the team 110 off the 16 overs.

Tea came and went. though the tea was black. a complete milktastrophe. we can't let this happen again.

West's second innings took the score up to 199, a round 200 needed for East. East's reply was hampered by Mark Richardson running out Skipper Jamie Goddard, Jamie honourably falling on his own sword, since Brummie Richardson hadn't had any kind of bat in the first innings. A noble gesture, at least theoretically, since Mark had no plans to leave his crease, let alone give away his wicket. Mark ploughed on and reached his 25, setting the game up brilliantly, with some 40 needed off the final 6 overs.

Jamie Mackay and Colin Williams initially struggled to get the ball away and a lot of credit needs to go to the boys Harry and Louis Stuart, who kept it together to deliver enough balls in the right area to keep the target just out of sight. Mackay and Williams started to middle the ball and the runs started to flow more easily. But with single figures needed off Paddy's last over, the chaps couldn't find enough firepower to clear the ropes. For the second game running, Hallsworth Snr stood on the sidelines, next man in, all his childhood dreams of coming in and smashing the winning runs, then carried off on teammates' shoulders to the applause of all around, the adoration of small children and the admiring glances of the pretty ladies, cruelly smashed. maybe next year. As it was, Paddy Stuart held onto his nerve, if not a return catch from Jamie Mackay, and bowled his over out, East finishing just 1 run short of the target.

A great match - West the worthy winners of this year's Baliszewski Trophy.