A Record Breaking Team Selection!!!

After a mere 19 hours of announcing the need for names to put a squad together, we have already got a full team for the home fixture against Wilton!!

I think Nigel Norman is the third from the right with the 'five o'clock' shadow

The Crack Squad of Cricketing Behemoths are:

Connor 'The King Of Spin' Richardson

Pete 'i may need a wheelchair' Masterman (Captain Fantastic)

Andy 'Wordsworth' Hallsworth

Nigel 'The Hairy Chest' Norman

Jamie 'Jagger' Goddard

Kerry 'not a woman' Jones (on debut!! A cricket fanatic!!)

Jamie 'The Railways' Mackay

Jon 'The Chicken Choker' Hancock

Paul 'Bomber' Vickers

Harminder 'who can actually play cricket' Jagdey

Matt 'The Woolly Hat' Woolmer

Sorry Matt, couldn't think of anything else

Current subs are all juniors on account they have to come along anyway:

Amanveer Singh Jagdey

Charlie Hallsworth

Ed Masterman

Scorer for the day: Charlie Hallsworth!! Nice one Charlie.

Remember chaps, bring along 'tea for two!